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Marino Montini & Michel Montini

Members of the Neuchâtel Bar Association and the Swiss Bar Association


Shortly after passing the bar exam in 1997, Marino Montini started practising law while pursuing his activities at the University of Neuchâtel. He set up his law firm in Cornaux, east of Neuchâtel.

At the end of 2001, the firm developed a new momentum when it transfered its offices to Neuchâtel and Michel, who has worked for a number of years at the Federal Office of Justice, joined forces with his brother Marino.


The Montini & Montini law firm is based on an open-minded devoid of prejudice approach that is each individual case is analysed in depth.

Benefiting from their family ties and the complementarity of their interests and personalities, Marino and Michel Montini together with their team defend their clients with determination and commitment in keeping with the latest developments in the legal and political fields.

Amapax Sàrl

For all real estate transactions, the Montini & Montini law firm recommands the services of his partner, Amapax Sàrl.

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